What is the Chubby Tire Rendezvous?

The Chubby Tire Rendezvous is a two-day mountain bike gathering in Cloudcroft, NM. 

Why Chubby Tire Rendezvous?

Your Chubby Crew believes that our daily lives are stressful enough already (hustlin' at the day job + rushing kids around + trying to find time to ride + gettin' the perfect lighting for that trail-side selfie + the jerk who just cut you off in traffic = #dastruggle). And we believe that riding bicycles is a way to bring people together, disconnect from the busyness, and simply have fun! 

The purpose of the Chubby Tire Rendezvous is to have a weekend dedicated to mountain biking, to promote having fun, and bringing out the best of what the bike community offers: sweet single track, getting outside, meeting new friends, and connecting with old ones over a great micro-brew.

How does the Chubby Tire Rendezvous work?

The Chubby Tire Rendezvous will host various events over a weekend. The events are all off-road terrain and mountain bike centric, and aimed to offer something for everyone: beginners, weekend-warriors, families, amateur and pro-racers, competitive and non-competitive. 

The two anchor bike events for 2018 are...

- Saturday: Chubby Tire Scavenger Hunt

- Sunday: High Altitude Classic XC Bike Race

Other FREE events...

- Saturday (afternoon): Chubby Tire Kids Race

- Saturday (evening): Chubby Tire Social

What happened to the High Altitude Classic?  Is it gone? Did it change?

No, our favorite XC mountain bike race in the NMORS (we might be a tad biased) has not gone anywhere.

The High Altitude Classic exists, is still called the "High Altitude Classic", and is still hosted on Sunday... But instead of being it's own event, the High Altitude Classic now a cornerstone event at the Chubby Tire Rendezvous.

Chubby Tire...¿Que?

Chubby Tire: Mountain Bike

Rendezvous: Gathering

  • Chubby (adj) - plump and rounded
  • Tire (noun) - a rubber covering, typically inflated, placed around a wheel to form a flexible contact with the terrain.
  • Rendezvous (noun) - a meeting at an agreed time and place

Did you sell-out?


Same grassroots crew: Mark Castelo and Matt & Jessie Willett as co-promoters, with the wisdom and guidance of the guru Dave Halliburton.

We are very grateful and lucky to have added talent to our crew in 2017:

  • Josh Barnett (High Altitude Classic - Event coordinator)
  • Joe Myers (Chubby Tire Scavenger Hunt - Event Coordinator)

Why charge? Do you make money?

Ha! No... We try to not lose money (in other words break-even).

Chubby Tire Rendezvous + High Altitude Classic has been - and is currently - run 100% on volunteer time (we all have at least one day-job BTW). None of our Promoters, Event Coordinators or other volunteers make money or profit from the event.

We look for sponsors to help out and keep our pricing fair. Entry fees are charged for our cornerstone events to ensure we cover our basic expenses (insurance, permits, licenses, etc.)... and run safe and fun events. 

Our goal is always to put the band back together next year, so we can keep putting on mountain bike events for decades to come.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds.  Race and events runs rain or shine.  Bad weather can happen, and we will do everything we can to delay or modify the event so you can still ride and have fun on your bike.  

However, safety is our #1 priority. And we reserve the right to cancel an event, without refund, if the conditions are too unsafe.  

Do you still donate money to charity?

Yes! It's our goal every year to donation a chunk of money to local New Mexico Charities doing good work.

We take the proceeds from the T-Shirt sales, and donate that money!  So buy a T-Shirt, because we've donated $400-$1000/yr year in the past. 

Past beneficiaries are: American Cancer Society of New Mexico, Roadrunner Food Bank, Earl Gage Recovery Fund, and NM Recycling Coalition.

Can I have a say in which charities to donate to?

Yes! This is something we hope to promote better in the future. We know there are a lot of great people working to make New Mexico a better place.

Please use the "Contact Us" page and drop us a suggestion of where to donate to.  

At the end of the event, we will include that as a question in our post-race survey and you'll vote where we donate money!