Chubby Tire Scavenger Hunt


Get together with your friends and family, explore new trails, and be in the mountains with out the pressure of "racing".

You will be given hints and a map to self-navigate the trails around Cloudcroft, NM on your mountain bike to checkpoints. Each checkpoint you find, you earn points. The harder the checkpoint, the more points. There are special checkpoints with challenges for you to earn bonus points.

Part strategy

Part luck

100% Fun

This is an open event: no categories, age groups....Just a fun event for you to choose your adventure, discover new trails in Cloudcroft, and an excuse to ride bikes with your friends and family.

The Chubby Tire Scavenger Hunt is for you.

Essential Info & Start / Finish

DATE: Saturday, May 19, 2018

START:  11am-2pm

No formal start time. Begin anytime between 11am and 2pm!


Must be finished and return punch card to Fir Campground, no later than 5pm to be considered for prizes.


    You're someone who enjoys riding your mountain bike, may or may not dabble with racing, enjoys the comradery mountain biking offers and likes to explore new trails. 

    Maybe your a weekend warrior, new to mountain biking, or a racer looking to stretch the legs before the big race...

    Open event! No age limits, categories or matchy-kits required.

    How it works...

    • Check-in at the starting point (Fir Campground)
    • You are given a map with check-points located on various trails around the greater Cloudcroft, NM area
    • You are also given a Scavenger Hunt Points Card
    • Each check-point has an associated points value
    • Bonus points: special check-points have challenges you can (optionally) participate to double or triple your points
    • Choose which check points and trails you'd like to ride
    • Have fun navigating trails to the check-points you choose
    • When you arrive at a check-stop, punch your Scavenger Hunt Points Card to earn your points
    • When finished, return your card to the starting point before 5pm 

    Location & Packet Pick-Up

    Start/Finish & Packet Pick-up:

    • May 19 (11am-1pm - Packet Pickup)
    • Fir Campground
    • Hwy 244, Cloudcroft, NM


    By Donation.

    Because we want to keep this family and all level's friendly, the event is by donation.

    You pay what you feel it's worth!

    **Limited to the first 40 participants to register**

    Trail Map

    Choose your own adventure!  Choose your own distance.

    You'll be given a punch card, some clues and a map

    2018 Checkpoint punch card below:  Get your strategy on, to collect em all!



    Top 10 Individuals will be awarded trophy and schwag prizes at The Chubby Tire Social (6pm) @ Fir Campground (HWY 244).